Thursday, September 17, 2009

quick mental break

today i worked through our normal break time, but am now finding myself in serious need of a mental step back. so here i blog.

this is currently the desktop on my computer:

yes, pictures of my incredibly adorable nephew have even taken a slip to this. this is what i need. i need to burn it into my brain. think it, breathe it, eat it, drink it. this needs to be my mantra. i need to remain focused.

it's so easy to wander. well, the focus is what wanders. i stay still. that is the problem.

are you happy?

do you want to be happy?

change something.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my grampa is awesome

seriously. while i was on vacation, my grampa came and took my car to change the oil and filter. he left me a little tag on the dash to tell me exactly what was done and at how many miles i'll need my next oil change.

he just called me at work to let me know he needs my car all day saturday so that he can change the fuel pump. (this is apparently why it sometimes leaves me stranded and doesn't start.) he also put gas in it and i believe is doing something about the alignment because for some reason the frame was chewing up my tire on one side.

when my dad leaves, one thing that weighs on me is, "who the heck am i supposed to call when my car goes to crap?" because he is my go to save-r. it's so comforting to have someone else looking out for me and the mechanically minded stuff that i am so not inclined to think about.

thank you God for my sweet, wonderful, kind, giving, loving grandparents. what an awesome blessing You've given me in them.