Thursday, July 10, 2008

ultimate guide to making friends

the more you can give someone, the more they will like you. bend over backwards if necessary. (pay no attention if they take advantage of your kindness, it will pay off)

tell them secrets. tell them secrets about other people, break confidentiality, put yourself at risk. you definitely want the kind of friends who are nicer to you when they know they can gain valuable information from you.

if at first they seem to stay a little distant, persist, persist, persist. eventually you will break down their defenses. see #1 and #2 for a surefire way to achieve that goal.

#4 - DISH
share gossip with them. take their side against every person they despise and help them trash talk those people at every available opportunity. bonus points if you can make #2 apply here.

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Take it direct! said...

Hi Quest Girl,
Welcome to the blog world. Always great to see the ladies getting down in the blog-o-sphere. Love the sexy pic (you a pianist)?

I am really loving the 4-D's. You have shown me the light. I'm thinking they must be great at work. For years I have known people with this secret, but never got it until running across it on your blog. I have worked with people that used the 4-D's at work to get all the 'right' friends. The "friends" that got them jobs, promotions, and raises. They worked it and made "friends" that gave them confidential info that nobody else had - it was like a "trade" for #2 and #3. I've seen them make friends that gave them advance notice when something was coming that might out them, or when they needed to 'clean' things up, (your friendly computer geeks are the best "friends"). They used it to get their friends in the right places to cover-up their dirty deeds and to make other people's sparkle their own. I have even known people that used #1 to make the friends, but the help being offered up was something another somebody else was already doing or going to do (bonus points!). If I had had this information years ago I would be the head manager of my whole company! They say it isn't what you know, but who you know. With the 4-D's you can really nudge right on up to the right "who you know". Maybe you can start a seminar tour thing with this! (It's like sleeping your way to the top, only without any of the immorality and mess.) How about a 5th 'D' - Divide? It might fall under your #3 directions, but isn't it true that if you divide people it is easier for them to turn to you for friendship?