Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On The Other Hand ...

On the heels of that last blog post, I must also say this: as many things as I've found out in my last days here that are negative, I think even more overwhelming is all the kind and positive things that have come to light. There have been people who I considered "work friends" but not much more than that, who have every day since I gave notice, lamented, "Whyyyyy?? Why does it have to be you leaving? Whyyyyyyyy?!" which, obviously, feels pretty good. And people who have tried to convince me to stay just a little longer. One more day, maybe the weekend? And people who have gone around, "behind my back" so to speak, talking about how good I am at my job and how much I'll be missed.

All of those things simultaneously make me sad about leaving, and happy. I'm happy to be leaving on a high note. I'm happy that people will, for the most part, look back on my time here as a beneficial time and not a time that they endured and made it through.

I'm glad I've made friends here. I'm glad that I'll feel comfortable coming back for a visit from time to time or to have lunch if that's ever possible.

I know life will move on without me and I know some of the niceties are just standard platitudes, but I know some of them are genuine and heartfelt, and that means a lot.

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