Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The How And The Why.

Why is it that one person can say something to you, and although you know the words are kind and sweet and possibly even something many people wish someone would say to them ... instead it makes your skin crawl a little and you get inexplicably irritated and angry about it?

But no, even imagining someone you would want to say something like that saying it, it doesn't fit. Perhaps because the reason you're imagining that specific someone is exactly because they would probably never say something as sappy and irritating as that?

Why is it that paths never meet as you think they should? I firmly believe that I don't have the answers, that my ideas of what would or should be perfect are far from what may actually be so. I believe if things are supposed to happen, they will. But how is it that vision can be so clouded that you really believe it's supposed to be one way, even when it's clearly not going to be? What is that delusion that keeps you stuck there? It seems too dark to be hope.

Things are rarely easy, and that's okay with me. I'm not asking for easy. I'm just asking.

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