Sunday, August 30, 2009

i can't wrap my head around bi-polar disorder

it never ceases to amaze me. it's like Jekyll and Hyde. you never know who you're going to get.

the same exact conversation could be two completely different scenarios. all depending on who you're talking to.

it's devastating and heartbreaking and spirit crushing. it's like a punch to the gut, all the wind and life knocked right out of you. it makes you second guess who you are and doubt your worth. you are meaningless.

and you know what? this won't help. in fact, it will probably make it worse.

but it helps me. it helps me later when i read this and remember. remember not to forget how it feels.


PinkFlaminga said...

You choose who you let in. You choose who you give the power to break you heart or crush your spirit. Some people don't realize that every word is sacred. Every word speaks life into others or speaks death. Unfortunate. But you don't have to be their victim.

Ana said...

I totally agree, its very confusing, and it sort of rocks your world when you experience it first hand. I knew someone who said she was bi polar but it turned out she was just a mean drunk/alcoholic. She turned into this other extreme that was so shocking it was hard to believe.

Its hard to deal with this sorts of people when they are in positions of power, like leaders, bosses, elders. You think you should show them respect but also not get beat up mentally and emotionally. Be strong my dear.