Monday, August 3, 2009

to-do list (3)

i feel like the list is a cop out post because it's a simple copy, paste, plug in html codes as needed post. so i won't say that it counts.

- call PL
- call tx
- call Gail
- clean S
- dd Si6
- buy porch bed
- buy filter
- gift for mk
- gift for db
- gift for ant.j
- gift for cc
- gift for al
(gifts are going to kill me!)
- PO box
- library
- dr. appt.
- dr. foltz
- buy brushes
- call c to suspend!
- go IN to c to suspend (urg)
- set up appt. @ Paul Mitchell (for 9)

first of all, i'm leaving the crossed out things on so that i feel like i'm actually getting something accomplished. getting to cross things off of to-do lists is often one of the major reasons i do them.

second, the nice thing about this list is that as i'm preparing to re-post it, i'll see something and think, 'you know, that's one more thing i could cross off if i just pick up the phone right now.' and then i do it. so it's forcing my hand! yay! the whole point!


PinkFlaminga said...


PinkFlaminga said...

seriously, it's time to be crossing things off the list. Get on it sister!