Friday, October 8, 2010

Spanky New!

This is the first official update from my spanky new laptop! Woohoo!

I'm sitting in my peaceful preschool class, eight little angels sleeping on mats scattered around on the floor. Quiet piano music coming from the CD player, the sounds of the class next door fading as they head out to play in the gym; leaving behind only the sound of soft little snores and pages of textbooks turning as the teachers study.

This is a great time of day. Especially on this particular day. After a long morning of eight two-year-olds acting up, fighting, talking back and even swearing at you, it's nice to watch them slumber so peacefully and remember that they're just poor little babies, formed into their sometimes monstrous personalities partly by the circumstances and raising.

I truly truly love my job. As with any job, there are small things to complain about. Crazy coworkers, confusing personalities, the occasional 12 hour day and filthy children pawing at you. But those are really so minute compared with how much about it is amazing. Watching children grow and learn, seeing their faces light up when they finally accomplish something they've been trying over and over to do. Hearing from parents how much they've seen their child grow and change since they started coming to school, the sense of pride when you help a child do something in just the right way so that they actually understand and feel their own sense of pride about it too.

I'm so blessed to do this for a living. At this exact moment a year ago, I would never in a million years have guessed that this would be where I am now. I'm so thankful to my dear sweet friend for making it happen. I mean, she didn't do it on her own, I had to try to live up to her hype, but without her, it never would have happened. Thank you my sweet friend. I hope your week has been good. :)

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PinkFlaminga said...

I hyped you up like you wouldnt believe, but you have definately lived up to it. I'm very happy to see you very happy :) My work weel was not the best, but still... how can you NOT love what we do?