Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I should never have stopped writing. Churning out a paper or a blog entry used to be a breeze for me. Now it's such a struggle. My writing has become redundant and stagnant. There is no easy flow to the subject matter or continuity of theme. It's just a jumble of my stream of consciousness. Like my thoughts. I've been stuck in my own head for too long. I've been ruminating on my own selfish and obnoxious thoughts and the dead ends those all lead to.

Writing is an outlet. It's an exercise, stretching and strengthening the muscles of my brain that are supposedly good at this kind of thing. Even now, this stupid, meaningless blog entry is stilted and lacking. It's not coming naturally like it used to.

Like anything else, I guess it just requires exercise. So here is my first rep.

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