Saturday, November 1, 2008


i like halloween. i think it's a fun day for people to get creative, express themselves, and just generally act a little juvenile.

personally, i seem to have a problem figuring out something to be for halloween. i can almost always help other people come up with fun costume ideas. i told my friend she should go as sarah palin and i made her a sash that said caribou barbie and helped her pick out clothes, did her hair and tried to teach her the tina fey take on the governer's accent. i dressed one sister as "white trash" and another as a sleep deprived beauty queen. i gave a friend at work an EXCELLENT costume idea for next year (it's a secret). for myself though, i tend to just have fun with eyelashes. i have probably six different sets of false eyelashes that i have worn in different years. maybe this year i'll bust some out for new year's eve or mardi gras.

so yes, this year i was all feather eyelashes and glitter. i threw on some wings to justify the lashes and i actually won a prize for it all.

there were much better costumes than mine halloween night ... there was a guy dressed as michael phelps ... he was wearing a speedo and had a lot of medals around his neck. it was awesome. there was a terrorist ... really funny actually.

i guess this post has no direction, no point. other than eyelashes rock and i wish i could wear them every day of the year.

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rightbrainedamoeba said...

michael phelps... what a neat idea :)