Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RIP qwerty

today has been an eff of a day. i have faith that it could turn around, i do. but aside from some small, completely superficial and irrelevant pleasures (read: this and yeah, this too) so far, this day is for crap.

the most recent development, i dumped my entire water bottle into my keyboard. my very favorite, ergonomic, fancy pants keyboard. the keyboard i have moved with me as i've changed jobs around here. i drained it (yes, there was that much water) and ran paper towels between the keys, but it's still entering a perpetual 1, over and over and over. Keegan says it might recover in a couple of days, and i believe it might. but in the interim, i'm using a crap flat keyboard. i can feel my hands getting crampy already. and i'm typing like a freaking beginner. i keep having to look down for keystrokes. my fingers knew that other keyboard so well, they just floated over it. i miss it.

plus, now i have no clean yummy filtered water from home to drink. like i said, this day is for crap.

(eff dude. i'm now realizing that the rolly scrolly thing on my mouse isn't working either. sad sad sad sad.)

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