Thursday, December 3, 2009

sweet Lord in heaven

so ... i'm an idiot. i have this trip planned for my birthday, right? i'm going to go to LA and Disneyland and i get to go to a movie screening and a comedy show and possibly a taping of Conan and just hang out and see cool stuff in LA that i only get to read about normally ... right?

okay. so i bought plane tickets when i had the money and they were on super sale because i was pretty sure i would need them. i planned everything and budgeted everything out, i managed to plan the trip to be really fairly inexpensive. it was going to be awesome.

but then. hours at work got cut. pretty drastically. oh, but we get to claim unemployment to make up the difference. great! except for some reason, even though i'm approved for benefits, each week i claim it's denied. so i'm sitting here, not able to pay basically any of my bills, desperately trying to keep my bank account afloat, not able to continue setting aside the small amounts i needed for my trip. it's not looking good. so some things get altered. one day less at the park, no big deal. still, can't afford it. but i'm not going to call off my trip. i know that if i'm supposed to go down there, somehow (read: only by the grace of God), things will fall into place. that's just how it works for me. in a last ditch effort, i ask my mom to give me a loan in lieu of a birthday present. but she can't. so i'm pretty much effed. i am getting cash from my mom for my birthday and half of my christmas gift money and i know i'll get a little something from my gramma too. i have just enough in savings that maybe, just maybe i can make this work.

tonight. i fly out tomorrow morning. it's down to the wire. i log on to my online banking to see just how bad it's going to be and consider cutting it down to only one day in the park instead of two.

wha ...

my balance has grown by quite a significant sum.

i got approved for unemployment. for the first time. the only time? i don't know. but it's just enough that everything is going to be just fine.

i literally cried you guys. i truly don't understand why God blesses me so much. continually. it's inexplicable and undeserved. i am so so truly blessed and so incredibly grateful.

Disney or bust!

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PinkFlaminga said...

Very sweet. Love you. Hope youre having a bal. Cant wait to see you when you get home.