Wednesday, March 11, 2009

inverse relationships

i have noticed that my boss's irritation with me goes up in direct correlation with how late i stay at work. the closer to "quitting time" ... the less happy he is. the later i work, the better. but no overtime ...

it's especially helpful that i normally get here before he does. if i do that and then stay until after he leaves, all without going into overtime, he's pleased as punch. even if my work habits don't fluctuate in any way. for example, nothing has changed now except that i've been leaving at or close to the appropriate time. still getting here earlier than him, still working the same. but actually seeing me leave seems to have a negative affect on my reflected worth. i wonder if he just pretends that when he leaves and i'm still at my desk and then the next morning when he comes in, there i am, that i simply stayed there through the night.

it's all very interesting.

possibly related: does my blogging increase with any correlation to an increase of negative feelings toward my boss?

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