Tuesday, March 3, 2009

watching out for me

God is always watching out for me. in big ways and small ways. in ways i'm sure i never even see.

He protects me from my own stupidity, and from that of others.

there is a back woods, dinky country road that i drive on to go to and from work. in the middle of it, there's a stop sign. i'm not a big stop-sign-runner ... like, ever. but you can see for miles in both directions down the road that crosses mine. so i usually slow down significantly and look a few times in each direction, but then just go on through.

well, last week sometime, or maybe two weeks ago now, i did just that. i slowed way down and looked probably three times in each direction. nothing. so i crossed the road and as i got to the other side of the intersection, i glanced in my rear view mirror and there, just entering from the right was a red car. i have no idea why this car was going so slowly or where in the world it came from because i'm sure i didn't see it. i was really shaken up thinking through all the what-if's.

what if they hadn't been going so slowly? what if they had plowed right into the passenger side of my car? what if they had veered off the road trying to avoid a collision or something?

what if i had just stopped like i was supposed to?

so i thanked God profusely for keeping me safe and vowed to always stop at that sign. and i have been.

thank you God for protecting me, even if i don't deserve it.

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