Saturday, March 14, 2009


i'm pretty sure i got more done today at work in a half day than i really accomplished all week.

i don't know if that is because on saturdays there are less immediate demands on my time, interrupting the flow of my work, or just because i've been in a bit of a funk this week and it was only yesterday that i was given an entirely effective motivational speech to snap out of it.

here are a few little snipplettes of said speech.

You are in control. you are in control of your own destiny, fate is non existent, dont believe in boundaries, exceed all your goals by taking what you want, when you want it. PERIOD

Pin your goals on everything, right them down on the mirror you look at yourself in everyday, make lists for everything, write everything down. MY NUMBER ONE THING IS, EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, takes hard, hard work, and practice. EVERYTHING. Nothing comes easy. So dont let anyone walk on you. You should be walking on them.

Energize yourself. Go to a place that brings you joy, sleep longer, and come here ready to beat the shit out of your work

Drive fast, listen to your music loud, yell at people, yell at everything

Attack Everything

There, now go feel better

seriously, much of this was just what i needed to hear. i can usually dredge up motivation for myself, pull myself out of a slump. but it just seems so much more effective when it comes from someone else.

i am very grateful for a friend who's perceptive enough to have seen that i needed a little pick me up, and nice enough to offer it. thank you!

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