Sunday, March 15, 2009


so, i was thinking about putting the url for my blog on my twitter profile. but i was pretty sure i didn't want to.

i mean, there are certain people who read my blog, and that's all well and good. i would totally love for those people to be on twitter with me, but would i really love for anyone who's on twitter to be able to read my blog? maybe not.

kind of like, there are plenty of people that are friends on my facebook or myspace (jeez, it sounds like i'm some sort of social networking maven or something) but i wouldn't necessarily want all of those people to have access to my blog. but i wouldn't mind if anyone who reads my blog was friends with my on myspace or facebook. as a matter of fact, i think they all are.

so what is this saying? mostly, that my blog readers are a privileged bunch. (oh yes, indeed you are. :] )

but is there really a reason for that? i mean, i'd love to have more people reading my blog. i guess it's not like i blog about anything intensely personal. and if there was anyone who had a problem with something that i wrote about, well then, they don't have to read it. i am who i am and people don't have to like it. so why the crap not? why not break the barriers separating my different mediums of expression and make them available to any and all who care?

well, if i'm being honest, linking my blog from my twitter profile really won't bring in anyone new. one, maybe two people. so what the heck is my deal?

i don't think i'll go so far as linking my blog to my facebook or myspace yet. baby steps. i'll start with twitter.

i'm thinking this was basically a really pointless blog entry.

if you read it, i apologize.


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