Tuesday, March 17, 2009

one handed blogging

... is hard! i don't know how people can do the whole "hunt and peck" mode of typing. it's making me crazy!!

okay. hands free again. as crazy as one handed typing makes me, it's totally worth it when the other hand is busy cradling a sleeping peanut of a baby.

i am SO loving having my sister and nephew here. my brother-in-law isn't too bad to have around either, but he's not really around much. and he's being slightly douche-ish so it's mostly nice and peaceful to snuggle the baby and dye my sister's hair.

currently, we're sitting here, my sister with her second round of uber blonde dye in her hair. holden's chilling with his GI g-pa.

i'm already sad thinking about them leaving so soon. we still have a decent amount of time with them, but it's just not enough.

well, i'm going to have some dinner because it's almost time for choir. :]

peace out.

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