Thursday, March 12, 2009


i've recently joined the social networking phenom that is twitter. at first i really didn't get it ... i'm actually still missing some vital abilities to maximize my twittering capabilities. i've figured out how to make a tiny link and how to reply to people or favorite a post. i think i know how to add a picture using twitpic or whatever. but i wish i knew how to upload a picture from my phone. i probably need a cooler phone for that.

anyway, twitter is really actually pretty cool once you get into it. i have a few "real" people on mine ... read: people i know in real life. i also follow some celebrity tweeters. (lol, i love twitter terminology) i don't think it's any different than following a celebrity blog except that they have less room to wax philisophical about whatever their current opinion is. i might even consider following john mayer's tweets, although i would never follow his blog. too annoying. actually, his tweets are annoying too.

one of my favorite things is when you go to "find people" to ... well, to find people to follow ... and the tag line is "Find people. Follow them." it's like a serial stalker's mantra.

so if you want to be super cool and stalk me on twitter, feel free! i mostly post my unimportant opinion and/or observations. and i text things into it when i'm bored. and if you set up an account, i'll stalk you right back! :] that should make your day.

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