Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dream weaver

i woke up in the middle of a weird dream last night. naturally, i'm going to share it with you because i know you care. shhh, you do.

ana was here visiting. however, "here" was new mexico. we were at the high school. in the movie theater. yeah, there was a movie theater at the high school. we were up in the balcony watching some movie and doug was there too. he came because he wanted to see ana. so apparently they came from different places. i was then on the other side of a wall that split the balcony and ana and doug were watching with someone else. as was i. no idea who these extras were, but they had identities at the time. then, randomly, i was running away from alexander skarsgård. i know, who in their right mind would run AWAY from that man? but he was chasing me. like, bent on killing me chasing me. i had something valuable and he wanted it but i had to do whatever i could to keep it from him. since he's a huge, athletic person, it was like i was running through jello and he was definitely not. i ended up getting into a building (oh yeah, i was running from him across a grassy field or a really big lawn) and locking the double doors. and he was right there, glaring at me through the door. and i laughed and pointed in his face, then did a gloating little dance while continuing to laugh and point. and then he walked around the corner and came in the other door. and then i opened my eyes and i had fallen asleep on the couch and one of those 5am work out shows was on. you know, the kind with the old ladies and they do all their workouts from a chair? but still have a modified version, in case you can't handle that? that kind.

maybe next time i can change the dream so that alexander skarsgård and i are getting married. i think i'd wake up much less scared.

also. i now have that one line of dream weaver stuck in my head. i hope you do too. 'cause i'm evil like that. :)

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Ana said...

YAY for my MOH dreaming about me!!!!! and doug! lol. thats really weird, and yeah, I totally know what sort of "modified" workout you are talking about. Drew Barrymore did a HILARIOUS skit on SNL about it. and douglas is in New Mexico right now, so thats weird!