Friday, July 24, 2009

gimme gimme!

do you know people who's first thought upon meeting someone is, "what can i gain from this relationship?" are YOU one of those people?

i have a friend like that. every time she meets someone it's like the first thing out of her mouth about them is, "well, they're really good at such and such, so here's how that could benefit me."

i know people who do stuff. (wow. lamest statement ever.) my uncle is a mechanic, but i don't feel like i should ever ask him to do something for me at any kind of discount. much less expect him to! one of my classroom volunteers is a hairdresser. i would feel funny asking her if she could cut me a deal on a hair cut. i work with a computer GeNiUs. i ask his advice sometimes but i feel guilty if i ever actually ask him to do something for me personally.

maybe this all ties back to my inexplicable guilt complex? (again, that's a whole separate post. or perhaps, a series of posts.) maybe it's totally acceptable to expect people to bestow their goods or services on me because we're family/friends/acquaintances/coworkers? i don't know. i don't think it's okay. i don't think it's attractive. in fact, i think it's pretty darn ugly.

***please note*** this is considered a "blind item." basically, if you're reading this blog, i'm probably not going to write about you. i'm not that much of an idiot. however, if this is convicting to you, that's a whole different ball of wax. perhaps if this strikes a chord with you, you should examine WHY that is.


PinkFlaminga said...

I think it's ugly too.

I work hard to make a living, and I trust that everyone else I know does too. And to ask them to work hard for you for free--I think it's insulting and puts hem in a terribly awkward position.

Well put.

PinkFlaminga said...

Haha, okay when I posted the last comment the word verification I typed it was "sohip"

On sort of related note, one of my kiddo's last name is Sohappy.

I know you are as easily amused as I am, so I thought I'd share

a girl in the life said...

hahaha, that is really funny. we were driving through grand rhond last night and one of the tribal council candidates was a name like that. sonice or something along those lines.

yeah, i mean, don't get me wrong. if someone offers to use their special skill or talent or connection for me, i'm sure i'd accept. but outright asking for it or hinting for them to offer just feels ... i don't know ... scummy.

glad we're in agreement! :)