Monday, July 13, 2009

sometimes i think you might be bipolar

i have been having some strange dreams lately. these include, but are not limited to:

hanging out in a bar in mcminnville that i've never been to and all of the currently touring american idol peeps were there. there was more to this dream and it got really weird, but i don't remember it all now.

working in a new job that's really really cool, but i have no idea what it is or what's going on. just that i love it. i guess that's good, right?

then a very strange one involving a member of a family that doesn't like me much (although this person is my friend on facebook, so maybe they feel differently?) and a weird situation ... i was in a bathroom, similar to one at our high school. for some reason, he was in the bathroom as well and was refusing to give me any privacy. (there also seemed to be no stalls ... so weird.) i was at that like, i-will-explode-if-i-don't-go-to-the-bathroom-soon point of bladder retention. (i think this dream was right before i woke up and i really did have to go that badly. sorry. tmi.) i finally gave up and then he somehow used that to spread a nasty rumor about me all around school ... something to do with me having a kid out of wedlock. or something. i have no idea. the madness. i think what it boiled down to was that (because IRL he's my friend on facebook?) in the dream, i thought he was on "my side" of the drama between myself and his family but he was really tricking me in order to bring me down. no idea where this all stemmed from.

anyway. now you're caught up. i'll try to be more interesting in the future. apologies.

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PinkFlaminga said...

More TMI-- I totally have dreams where I am dying to go to the bathroom and I just cannot find anywhere with privacy to go. Doors all dissapear off of stalls, port-a-potties have holes in the walls, and men are always in the same bathroom. I've had that type of dream so many times that I can finally wake myself up.