Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to-do list

so last week, i think on tuesday, i said something like, "today's the day. no more 'tomorrow' ... the time is now." something along those lines.

well, i didn't do that thing that day. whoops. follow-through fail.

so i'm going to put together a to-do list here. i'm going to re-post it once a week until everything is crossed off. sorry if that's annoying, but this way i'll have to really do this crap. to avoid embarrassment, if nothing else.

(these things don't need to make sense to you. even if you don't know what it is, you'll be able to tell if i've done it or not. please feel free to harass the crap out of me if i don't get stuff crossed off. thank you for your assistance in this.)

- call PL
- call tx
- call Gail
- clean S
- dd Si6
- buy porch bed
- buy filter
- gift for m
- gift for d
- gift for aj
- gift for cc
- gift for a
(gifts are going to kill me!)
- PO box

okay. i'm super annoyed. when i thought of this earlier, i had a bunch of things in mind. not these things. of course now i can't think of them. i can always add stuff.

that is all.

update: i'm sneaking these things onto my list ...

- library
- dr. appt.
- dr. foltz
- buy brushes


Ana said...

so....gift for A or gift for aj, HAS TO BE gift for Ana, or Ana Jacobsen...and just so you know. I dont need a gift for anything. an email will suffice. EMAIL ME!

so cross me off your list!

a girl in the life said...

ummm ... now i AM going to add you to the list 'cause that makes me feel like a jerk. it's in a stupid code so just in case those people were reading, they won't know i'm talking about them. i didn't even think about aj ... lol.