Tuesday, July 14, 2009

take this jay-oh-bee

i probably started this on 15 different trains of thought. or maybe, ultimately, it was the same train of thought and i just tried to start 15 different ways.

regardless, (sidebar: how much do you hate when people say things like irregardless? it bothers me SO much!) none of it was really going where i wanted it to.

so today, we'll suffice it to say: *different* is on the horizon. and i couldn't be more excited.

(haha, "irregardless" was the only word spellcheck didn't recognize in this post. buah ha ha ha ha!)


PinkFlaminga said...

That's such a teaser line. "Different is on the horizon"

What kind of different? Good different? Bad different? Indifferent different?

What horizon? Like the horizon of each new day? Like the distant horizon you see when you look at the ocean? Like the running people on the horizon in Monty Python who never actually get any closer?

Let's hope its more like the horizon of each new day since it seems to be a good different.

a girl in the life said...

LOL! oh how i love you. i choose to believe different good. and the horizon like, the near future. sorry to be ambiguous. but i don't really know much for certain yet. but i know it's coming! i'm excited!