Friday, July 10, 2009


wednesday night i went to Ben's graduation party and saw some old friends that i haven't seen in probably two years or so. it was nice to catch up! well, in person. one of them is someone i follow on twitter, Anna. she follows me as well. @annalog81807 if you're interested. she and her husband Mike were talking about how i tweet a lot. i know i do. i can't really place a finger on why, other than maybe the same reason i blog. but shorter and more convenient. i don't really know exactly why i blog though either ... self exploration/improvement/investigation? pure, unadulterated narcissism? ... Mike was talking about how she gets a text and she's excited and then it's like, "oh, it's just Lindsay on twitter." but she swore up and down it's okay because she finds it interesting. (i choose to believe that because, realistically, if it annoyed her as much as i fear it might, she could easily stop receiving my updates on her phone ... )

then last night, Ben and i had milkshakes with some people at shari's and we were talking again about how much i tweet. Ben only follows a very small handful of people on twitter. i think it's up to six now. so he showed me his twitterific app on his iPhone and how it is FILLED with my face. just me, over and over and over and OVER again. occasionally someone else. then more me. for some reason it was totally embarrassing! like, i need to just shut up already!

so i promised to reign it in for at least a weekend. if nothing else, perhaps it will break my habit of seemingly immediately reaching for my phone to put everything that i think is even remotely entertaining on twitter. (i should point out, Ben also insisted, although slightly less convincingly, that it wasn't like he thought i should stop. just that it's a lot.)

i have to say, it's been a little hard so far. it's not bad at work, i've been terribly busy anyway. but even just last night, every funny quote ... it was like it needed to be shared!

in thinking about it, i decided: so i tweet a lot. and? if someone really doesn't like it, it's pretty simple to unfollow. go for it. (and then i will be really sad because i'll totally take it personally. it's what i do. i can't help it.) but i'll keep tweeting. because SOME people find it funny. SOME people find it entertaining, or even interesting at times. even if SOME ... is me.

this is me. take it or leave it. if you want ...

(i'm working on not being a people pleaser. and guilt. omg, guilt will have to be a whole separate post. so much guilt.)


PinkFlaminga said...

I studied your kind. I took some classes on "student culture" and looked at the characteristics of the culture of different generations-- Current preschoolers through curent college kids--which is funny, because that's like studying myself. But basically "you all" feel that if something is not publically documented-- it didnt happen.

So it's nothing deep like self-exploration, and nothing shallow like narcissism. It's just your generational culture-- a product of your surroundings, you can't help it :)

a girl in the life said...

i couldn't decide at first if that actually made me feel better ... or worse. but i think better. lol

that really is the root of it i think. i like having documentation of goings on. occasionally i'll scroll back through my twitter profile or read old blog posts ... it's nice to be reminded of fun things that happened, or think about that struggle i was going through and how far i've come from it.

i blogged, therefore, i get to read yours. :)

Linda said...

You know...the first step is admitting that you have a problem... <3

LadyKat68 said...

Okay I figured out it's you my dear sweet all grown up now you make me feel old cousin Lindsay :) I did not know that you also blogged. I switched my blog to blogspot soooo follow me too :) I have a whopping two followers - your mom being one of them