Monday, July 6, 2009

weekend update

i was told by my dear friend Kristina that i don't blog enough. and that i'm not allowed to check her blog for new posts unless i've posted one myself. well, fine then. but, this also means that every time i check and she doesn't have one, i get to write a strongly worded comment on her blog, demanding updates. :)

i love the fourth of july. it's really one of the best holidays. you get to blow stuff up, shoot sparkly things in the sky, barbecue and hang out with family. and get paid time off. i mean, what could be better? really.

it was such a nice, low stress weekend. nothing really went as planned and that was totally fine. i started the weekend helping a friend at work celebrate his promotion, i spent some time watching a deadliest catch marathon (and now i want to go crabbing. i mean, i think i'll be super let down to catch red rock crab and not alaskan king, but still. it's fun.). i got to hang out with my family, give my pregnant aunt a foot rub (she had ankles again for a little while!) we lit fireworks and ate good food. i got to have coffee with Krissy (who i haven't actually gotten to hang out with in FAR too long) and, even though our current favorite show wasn't on last night, i got to hang out with Leslie as well.

my conversation over coffee was enlightening and got me thinking. (as most conversations with Kristina do.) about six months ago, i set up a loose one year plan for myself. there was no definitive goal for the end of the year, other than "something will change" ... whether that change meant moving to LA to attend cosmetology school or to portland for a change of pace or figuring out a way to go back to school and possibly become a teacher. just something had to change because i was not at all happy with the way things were/are.

well, just making that decision has gotten me this far. knowing that action would be taken has buoyed my spirits until now. however, i'm realizing that nothing much has truly changed. i'm supposed to be in process, setting myself up for the better things that are to come. but i'm still just kind of treading water. so chatting openly and frankly about where i'm at, how happy that makes me and where i might like to be ... that was a nice reminder that i need to kick it in gear.

so i might be getting a third job. i might be filling all of my evenings and weekends with work and pushing myself to the limit. i might hate it at times. i might be exhausted a lot. but it's all for a purpose. it's to a better end. it will be worth it. i can't advance to the point in my life that i'd like to be at if i stay stagnant.


update: since starting this post, i've learned that my old boss here was let go. his position was eliminated company wide. so apparently the "corporate restructure" emotional roller coaster nightmare that we endured last year is happening again. but honestly, i'm not concerned this time. i mean, i don't think that i'm beyond the reach of it all or in any way "safe" ... but i feel like whatever happens, is meant to happen. i'm kind of looking forward to these next few months. they shouldn't be boring, at the very least!

ALSO: my pregnant aunt is no longer pregnant! little Rilee Kennedy came out to join our crazy family! :D welcome Rilee! we love you already!

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