Friday, February 20, 2009


i have a countdown. i don't know if it will actually end up being accurate. it signifies a few different things.

one of them is being debt free. i'm really hoping it'll be accurate for that one. i'm working on it and i have some good help. and, realistically, i don't really have that much consumer debt compared to a lot of people. but it's still too much. and i don't make nearly enough money to just throw it away every month.

another thing is simple freedom. from what shall remain ambiguous. but the countdown is really only necessary because of this other thing. if there were any way to be free of it that didn't require a countdown, i would be ON it! but unfortunately, i don't think there is.

the countdown gets me through the rough days.

lately there have been a lot.

i do hold out hope though that it will ease up in the coming days. that hope gets me through too.

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