Wednesday, February 25, 2009

and the countdown continues

just when i think things are settling down a bit and i'm feeling less like i wish i could fast forward the next few months, something new happens to make me grateful for a number on the countdown.

today i was actually called rude because i was asked at the last minute to step in for someone who's plate is beyond full and help them out. the rude part came in because stepping in for this person caused me to miss a normal weekly duty for someone else. (i completely forgot what day it was and was actually rushing to apologize when i was told how rude i was)

you know, my boss has actually tried on multiple occasions to stop allowing me to perform this once weekly duty. but i felt badly for the other people involved and fought for continuing it. it's not exactly an incredibly rewarding task. as a matter of fact, most of the time it's downright annoying and intrusive on my own schedule. and quite frequently it's a very demanding task (as in, i really need you to come do it immediately, this second or the world will end) and never much appreciated.

and this is the thanks i get? a bitchy attitude and a reprimand for the one time i missed it? (to help someone else no less. AND, it's not like it didn't get done. someone else just had to come do it.)

whatever. 340.

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