Monday, February 9, 2009


typically, mondays tend to be regarded as the awful day that not only brings the fact that your weekend is over screeching to the forefront, but also kicks off the work week and is the farthest day from next weekend.

however, i like mondays. mondays are a peaceful kind of day for me. i spend my morning at work in a meeting that i only kind of understand - this is relaxing in a way because my mind can wander and i can sort through things weighing on me, but it's also a little stressful to hear my name mixed into a whole lot of other things, not knowing exactly what's being said about me. but mostly it's relaxing. then, for almost every minute of the day beyond that, my boss is in other meetings. i'm free to go about my tasks without anyone over my shoulder or any additional demands on my attention. i just spend the day feeling so much more at ease.

plus, on monday nights i don't have any pressing engagements so it is a self pampering evening. a nice long bath with a book, fingers and toes painted, exfoliation, it's fabulous. and i watch indulgent, silly shows and hit my pillow at a decent time.

so now what to do about wednesdays ... ?


spades of said...

have sex!!! love sadie.

a girl in the life said...

haha, well now i work wednesday nights so ... that solves that dilemma! thanks though. :]