Friday, February 20, 2009

ridiculously ill

i don't know if i have what's been "going around" or something altogether separate ... but i am miserable. if i list off my symptoms i feel like a nyquil ad. sniffly nose, cough, fever, achiness, sneezing fits and general disgustingness. everyone at work who's had this - if it's the same thing - has ended up missing a couple of days and had wonky sinus infections. and with how i feel, i would normally have NO problem staying home to recover.

however, i have far too much to do to miss work. yesterday afternoon around one i had gotten everything that i really could done for the day and i was feeling exponentially worse. plus all the people who generally need things from me were going to be in a meeting all afternoon. so i asked my boss if he would mind if i went to the doctor. his response was to ask me if i got this stuff done and did i ask this girl why she sent us the wrong numbers and then a long speech about why this girl is sending us the wrong numbers and maybe you should just call her over here and show her what we're talking about and now i'm going to the meeting.


i actually put my head on my desk and cried. (see? that's not a thing the normal, healthy me would do.) so i called the girl over, we worked some stuff out and then i was literally sagging over my desk so i just went home and went to bed. and i slept all the way until this morning. and i feel no better. a little worse actually. maybe i should call the doctor today. i wonder if they'd see me after 5pm ...

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