Friday, February 20, 2009

attn: dept. of homeland security ... this is a joke. (sort of)

so, do you think if i'm sick and i knowingly breathe all over slash sneeze on someone else's things - someone i don't like and with the sole intention of infecting them - does that make me a biological terrorist or something?

i hope not. because it seems like it's something that would REALLY make me feel better.

i'm tired of crying at work. i blame the illness.

sometimes people don't report harassment due to fear of retaliation. well, is there a name for it when you don't want to leave work (fever, hacking cough and an entire box worth of tissues in a sopping pile in the trash bin notwithstanding) even though you're sick because you know your boss will hold it against you? i mean, maybe he can't legally tell you you have to work through your sickness, but you know it will affect you negatively? is there a label for that? besides douchebag i mean.

sorry. i blame the illness for lashing out like that.

i feel all shaky and achy and a little dizzy. i just want my pillow and my mom and some medicine. and maybe some chicken noodle soup.

okay. whine officially over.

sorry for whining. i blame the illness.

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