Monday, February 23, 2009

oregon days

these are the kind of days that make people say i'm crazy for liking oregon.

the sky will suddenly darken dramatically. the raindrops start pattering on the roof. the sound grows louder and faster until the individual drops meld into a steady roar. the sky seemingly splits open and allows an angry torrent of water to come crashing out.

a few moments later, the intensity lessens gradually until only a few gentle drops are splattering here and there. and then it is still. the clouds seem to thin, the color lightening not quite to sunshine but a veiled version of it.

this cycle continues all day. maybe in late afternoon, a hole will break into the clouds. clear blue sky framed by a thick whiteish grey. a moment of true sunlight.

just as quickly as it appeared, the hole is swallowed up by the canopy again.

there is just something incredibly soothing about days like today.


Ana said...

I miss Oregon rain, its unique to the Pacific northwest, and is NOTHING like the rain here. I love Oregon!

Linda said...

Ha, Ha, I knew it was YOU! You are your mother's daughter. I love the rain too. When we lived in Idaho I would cry because I missed the rain (and everything else about Oregon) Love you!