Thursday, February 26, 2009

drugs are my anti-drug

so, i thought i was getting better. i was feeling pretty fabulous for a couple of days. my medicine started to dwindle so i figured i wouldn't take it every four hours as recommended, just to make it last a little longer. well, i quickly found out that i haven't been getting any better. i'm just the same. if not worse. but the drugs were getting me through. fooling me into being happy because i felt well-ish.

last night i took nyquil. not a lot more than the recommended dosage. like, a centimeter above the line. i slept like a baby. it was great. unfortunately, i somehow got the original flavor instead of cherry. apparently i've never had the original flavor before. it's like minty black licorice. yikes.

i bought more of what i had run out of and now i'm almost out again. i'm tired of feeling crappy and people holding up their fingers at me in an X when i come near them. i want to be able to tell people, "shut-up! i'm on antibiotics, i'm not contagious, i'll be better soon!" but i can't. i just have to look at them pathetically and tell them they're mean.

and if they truly are mean people, then they get an act of biological terrorism. i think it's already worked on one person.

i might be evil.

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