Thursday, April 9, 2009

dark clouds rolling in

... literally. not metaphorically. the sky is getting really dark. it must be getting ready to dump buckets!

i've been feeling pretty good about things lately. things are definitely improving, or at least in the process of. i'm getting really excited about the future and i'm liking what's going on right now.

not to be a pessimist or anything, but i can't help but think that means some not so great times might be around the bend.

i'm really not a cup-half-empty kind of girl!

this post was originally going in a different direction, but it came off sounding far too negative. so never mind.

i think that things are pretty sort-of-okay right now and that means they can only keep getting better. there are definite dark spots, but i'm praying over those and i believe that God will handle them.

so, basically, this post was a nice way to waste my lunch break. mission accomplished! :)

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