Thursday, April 30, 2009

well, when you say it that way ...

why is sexism okay if delivered correctly?

"let's give her a few more packets of people to call. girls just sound better on the phone and you have work to do."

okay, maybe that's not an incredibly sexist statement ... but i'm sorry. i have work to do too. this is my first break today. and trust, it will be short. it's month end, i have to make sure all data is entered and squared away by the cut off time. i also have to prepare and assemble the month end reports, the week end reports, it's payday so there are checks to distribute, the charts and graphs have to be updated and printed and apparently we need a training calendar update. again. plus, i'm not coming in saturday so i can go to my dad's mobilization ceremony. so i should add to this list a seemingly endless number of phone calls to customers because i'm a girl so it'll sound better?

speak in a falsetto and get over it.


coming from the person who said this, i almost feel more inclined to be a little flattered that he's implying i have a nice voice. so, apparently any feminist leanings go out the window when the proper spin and inflection is employed.


maybe i'm just not nearly as girl-power as i thought. maybe. probably not though.


Ana said...

its all about context for me. sometimes I'm truly offended when people say crap like that, other times, I'm like, thanks, your weird, but thanks.

GIRL POWER ~ spice girls

a girl in the life said...

omg, last night at karaoke these girls sang wannabe by spice girls and they totally effed it all up! they didn't know any of the words at all ... even though the words were right in front of them!

if they hadn't been so stupid i would have gone up and helped them. i totally know that song word for word. lol.