Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the f(ailure) word is not an option

not that there are a ton of people who read this or anything, but i'm going to throw this out there for accountability purposes ... mostly my own. if i want to run from it, i'll have to delete this post and get some M.I.B. technology to take to the few of you who do read.

by the end of april, i WILL have all things constituting "crap" out of my lovely squanto. (other than the motor, ceiling lining, driver's bucket seat and passenger side speaker - all of which could also be classified as "crap")

i would go on, but just in case i less-than-succeed ... i don't want to feel the sting of failure too powerfully. so after this works (because it will) i'll challenge myself with some more lofty goals.

baby steps. baby steps.


PinkFlaminga said...

I heard you!!

First week of may-- coffee date, youre driving

a girl in the life said...

yikes. i had a feeling i might regret writing that post.

so i guess now i either need to find someone with memory erasing flashy zapper thingies or i need to follow through.

i'm gonna aim for follow through cause i kinda think the other one will be harder to pull off.