Thursday, April 9, 2009

gangster kitties

is there some kind of kitty gang initiation that involves them bounding out of tall grass directly in front of oncoming traffic? because i really don't like being involved in it.

when i was in high school, a cat jumped out of a wheat field literally yards in front of my car, it was absolutely impossible to miss it. my friend and i freaked out, i'm pretty sure i cried.

a couple of weeks ago, a cat came jumping out of a ditch right in front of me on the straight stretch into town. it was literally like it was aiming for my front tires. i had to pull over.

other than these two, a possum darted out in the dark one night, and there have been two vveeerrrryyy close calls with deer.

i just don't understand why these kamikaze kitties seem to have a death wish. if they're really determined, more power to them. but if they're going to fail the initiation into the rogue kitty gang, then they need to stop using my car as the target.


PinkFlaminga said...

yes, you did cry.

Kamikaze kitties are less harmless (to you) than a kamimaze deer!

a girl in the life said...

that's true ... but they're harming my mental well being. and my nerves. i swear to you, i have actually swerved out of the way 3 separate times now of a leaf that was just blowing at a weird angle so i couldn't tell at first it was a leaf.

l e a v e s are making me jumpy. frickin gangster wannabe kitties.