Sunday, April 5, 2009

some things about me

i occasionally bump cheesy music in my car. it makes me feel better.

i wish i was 3 inches shorter.

i love watching the behind the scenes special features on movies. or watching the feature with the director's commentary on. it fascinates me to know how things are done.

i want to be a part of that one day.

i love shoes. it's truly an illness. i think they are fabulous.

i have a really hard time getting rid of things. i really want to. it's just hard to do it. i don't know why.

i love the way the keys clack when someone types quickly on a keyboard.

i daydream a lot.

i feel pretty strong convictions about things sometimes. currently it's the r-word.

i don't want to be all talk.

i want to own a gun.

i love that half awake, half asleep, still dreaming, waking up slowly feeling.

i wish i could play piano.

i love to sing. i won't do it in front of people most of the time but i wish i could. i really love singing.

i'm incredibly proud of my father.

i wish my life was different.

i think i'm really concieted sometimes.

i should be doing something else right now.


PinkFlaminga said...

I'm sure your ambiguity was intentional, but I'm gonna go ahead and ask, becayse apparantly I like putting people on the spot (two people told me that this week) Anyhow, whats the r-word?

a girl in the life said...

two people told you that? is it just because you were putting them on the spot?

the r-word is "retard, retarded" etc. i really didn't mind it for a long time, but recently it's started bugging me. this website talks some about the actual movement to eliminate the use, i haven't personally put my name on there yet because i still have a really hard time with it.

yeah, i dunno. maybe it'll be one of those things that stops bothering me later on. but for now i feel like a jerk every time i say it. "lame" has become my new favorite substitute apparently. :]

PinkFlaminga said...

Well, honey, you understand that LAME technically means physically handicaped--unable to walk. So now youre just exploiting physically challenged people rather than mentally challenged? LOL, just giving you crap.

I didn't THINK i was puting them on the spot, but apparantly I made them uncomfortable. I never had to watch myself before. I've always been quiet, a little timid. But in my old age I'm getting inconsiderate and rude, so I gotta be careful now :) Miss you.

a girl in the life said...

yes, i actually thought of that. but i decided that doesn't bother me as much. i'm a little evil. :]

i'm totally with you. i have a lot less patience for rude and/or stupid people nowadays and i don't mind telling them so a lot of the time. we can be crochity old women together.

i miss you too!