Monday, April 13, 2009

writing while angry

i came across something i scribbled out one day while i was apparently incredibly upset. i guess it doesn't really apply anymore, but i was struck by how it flowed ... especially for something that i must have scrawled in the midst of some high emotions. i figured it deserved preservation, so here it is.

ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. don't blame your lack of communication on me. i don't care if people see you for the JACKASS you are. i will not stand in to take the fall for you. you have to EARN that kind of loyalty. you have done nothing to earn that kind of respect from me.

maybe it's just because it's in my voice or because of the angry slant it was written at, but i could almost feel the intensity of the feeling behind it.

perhaps i just write better when i'm feeling very passionately about something. i don't think i want to get into why it would seem to be that the most passionate writing i have is negative ....

another day perhaps.

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