Thursday, April 16, 2009

it never fails ...

so, usually, right after i post about something i'm struggling with or upset about or frustrated by, it's only about a day or so before it comes to me how to get over it or why i shouldn't be upset or frustrated.

this time, it occurred to me that the reason it feels wrong to be fake-nice with people instead of showing my distaste is because it is. i shouldn't pretend to like someone, i should just like them. just because i don't love someone's personality traits doesn't mean that they are any less deserving of love and tolerance. if imperfect, totally undeserving me gets to be a child of God, loved and treasured despite glaring flaws, why wouldn't someone else?

so the answer is not, "put on a nice face and try to keep your dislike hidden" but rather, "turn inside and examine yourself, lift them up in prayer and realize that they are loved by God just as you are." that in itself is reason enough to show them kindness and love, because God would and He would want me to.

as usual, easier said than done. but i'll work on it.

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