Tuesday, April 7, 2009

or lack thereof

why is it that when i'm sitting at work, i have all this drive to get stuff done at home? on my break i start scribbling lists of what needs to be accomplished and what i'll do first to maximize my time frame. i make plans and lay out detailed step by step action items (complete with empty boxes to check!) on my lunch break. i fight the urge to want to leave work early, just so i can take advantage of this raging motivation and get a jump on checking off some of those boxes!

then i leave work. go home. let rocco out. maybe play the piano for a bit. look around with my hands on my hips. play the piano some more. decide to go to mac. spend the evening at leslie's/parents'/anywhereelsebuthome. go back home. go to bed. wake up. go to work. get excited for cleaning and organizing and checklists and accomplishment and renewed lifestyle all over again!

why is that?

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a girl in the life said...

i have a theory. i think it has something to do with me being a terrible procrastinator and i think procrastination is a disease that needs a cure.

i certainly don't have the cure.